Making oven cleaning a thing of the past!

23rd January 2021

Oven Cleaning –  A Thing of the past Love to cook, not so keen on the cleaning? Pyrolytic Self Cleaning – The oven that cleans itself. How does it work? The oven cleaning process starts by turning food residue, baking, roasting and grilling splatter to ash with high temperatures of up to 485oC. Then just [Read More…]

Neff Accessories, Cleaning and Care Products

18th January 2021

Our handy Neff accessories leaflet gives the very best information on Neff accessories, cleaning and care products. Here are just a few examples of accessories in which Neff recommend, griddle plate, Teppanyaki grill plate, dishwasher safe stir fry pan, meat tongs or even some large mixing bowls. Or maybe you need some Americian fridge freezer filters. [Read More…]

Out With the Old, In With the New for 2021

2nd January 2021

New Year, New Kitchen Trends, Out with the old, in with the new for 2021 A happy new year from us all at New design. In with the new, out with the old at New Design Kitchens for 2021. A few things coming up this year: Chippendale & Sheraton are introducing a new ‘British racing [Read More…]

Sinks, Sinks, Sinks.

12th December 2020

Decisions, decisions, decisions…. Do you go for a undermount or inset? Stainless steel, Ceramic or Granite? A undermount requires the sink to be fitted to the underside of the worktop. This type of installation is only suitable for solid worktops e.g., Granite, Wood, or Quartz, unfortunately undermount sinks will not work with laminate worktops. A [Read More…]

Taple Top Ventilation – Worktop Extractors

7th December 2020

Confused about table top ventilation? Worktop or table top ventilation frees up your space, with no need for a hood to obstruct your view and distract you from your creativity. The retractable DownDraft hood is positioned where you are cooking, while the Venting hob offers a sleek Flexinduction Hob combined into one appliance with powerful [Read More…]

Kitchen Layout

Which Kitchen Layout Is The Most Functional?

23rd April 2019

Are you considering remodelling your kitchen? You may be feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of such an important purchase. Whatever kitchen layout you choose it will most likely have to last a number of years so it is important to get the design right. There are some important areas to consider when planning [Read More…]