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Spring – Why eat seasonal and what produce is in season?

Eating British meat, fish, fruit and vegetables in season is good for you. Eating seasonal food gives you additional nutrition to your diet, saves you money and helps the environment. You are also supporting British farmers and the fish industry. Seasonal eating is nothing new and has been done throughout history. Prior to global travel and supermarkets it was a necessary and natural practice.

The best way to eat seasonally is to grow your own produce. The second best option is to visit farmers markets or local farmers. They are an amazing resource, not only for fresh, whole foods, but also  preparation tips, recipes and new food suggestions for you. It takes a lot of effort to break the habit of heading straight to the supermarket. If you do have to use the supermarket you can still choose wisely and select seasonal food. Frozen food is a good substitute for seasonal food as it is picked and frozen at its peak.


Does Seasonal Eating Benefit You?


It doesn’t take a scientist to know that home grown produce tastes very different from produce picked prior to it being ripe and flown across the world. When food is picked at the peak of its ripeness just when it is supposed to be eaten it tastes so very different. Seasonal eating brings that flavour back to your diet.


Seasonal Foods Are Often Cheaper


When food is in season and there is an abundant supply it makes sense that it will cost less. Out of season food requires a lot of resources to get to your table and this cost is reflected in the price you pay.


Seasonal Eating Helps the Environment


Out of season food takes additional energy to recreate the natural growing season in a synthetic way and/or  uses an incredible amount of fuel to transport the foods across the world to you. Local, in-season foods help reduce your carbon footprint.


Seasonal Foods Can Be More Nutritious


In order for foods growing out of season to reach you, they have to be picked green, before they are at their peak and fully developed. Seasonal foods, however, are picked at their peak and are on your plate more quickly, meaning more nutritious food for you. Seasonal foods reach your plate with the most nutrients possible.


Spring Foods in Season


Meat: Beef Steaks - Chicken - Sausages - Spring Lamb

Vegetables: Asparagus - Carrots - Cauliflowers - Celeriac - Cucumbers - Curly Kale - Purple Sprouting Broccoli - Savoy Cabbage - Sorrel - Spinach - Spring Greens - Spring Onion - Watercress

Fruit: Gooseberries - Rhubarb

Fish: Crab - Haddock - John Dory - Lobster - Mackerel - Monkfish - Prawns - Sea Bass - Sea Salmon - Trout – Turbot


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