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12 tips for keeping your Oven and Kitchen clean this Christmas

We all love the festive period. Christmas carols, excited children, beautiful decorations, mince pies, mulled wine and people treating each other that little bit nicer. What we don’t like is the pressure, all that shopping, relatives getting stroppy after a couple of sherries, extra cooking and extra cleaning. Why spend Christmas cleaning your kitchen and oven? We can help!  

Keeping that oven clean

  If you don’t clean your oven regularly it can soon become one of those tasks that seem too difficult and painstaking to even contemplate. You find excuse after excuse but unfortunately it gets worse and worse. Horrible smells begin to waft out of your oven when you turn it on – there’s no avoiding it the job has to be done! Our top tips for an oven that looks and functions at its best.
  1. Self-cleaning ovens – choose a self-cleaning pyrolytic oven. These types of ovens are so worth the investment. They are absolutely fabulous and use a high temperature to burn off any residues from any cooking method leaving a fine ash that can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth. A highly recommended example of one of these ovens can been found on the following link
  2. Be practical when spills occur – If spills happen during the cooking process wipe them up immediately after the oven has cooled. This will make life so much easier in the long run.
  3. Exterior clean – Don’t forget to clean the exterior. This is best with a mild soapy solution. Be careful not to damage your glass with an abrasive scrubbing pad. Use your manufacturers instructions to remove the oven door for a thorough clean.
  4. Loosen the dirt first – place a heatproof bowl full of hot water into the oven to soften grease and grime.
  5. Know your products – Most products used to clean ovens are degreasers and are used when an oven does not have a self clean facility. Always take care, they can be dangerous, and you should always follow instructions carefully. Allow plenty of ventilation they are often toxic. Gel cleaners normally come with a brush to aid easy application and they don’t have the potent chemical smell. Cleaning bags are excellent to clean dirty shelves, leave overnight and while you’re dreaming of a white Christmas your shelves are cleaning themselves. We are all looking to use eco friendly products so how about making your own cleaner. Professional cleaning specialists advocate using a mixture of baking powder and vinegar.
That oven is now turkey ready!

Keeping the kitchen clean

Our top tips for a clean kitchen whilst cooking
  1. Clean Kitchen - It’s so much easier to cook in a kitchen that’s clean. You know that everything is ready to go and you won’t need to waste time cleaning appliances and tools as you go.
  2. Ingredients and equipment – gather all your ingredients and equipment before you start constructing your creations. It saves time and stress.
  3. Rubbish - Before you start your preparation place a couple of bags or bowls nearby to use for recycling and rubbish. This will keep your kitchen tidy and save you time.
  4. Preparation – Prepare dry ingredients first, then vegetables and lastly raw meat. Transfer prepared ingredients into bowls to keep organised. Ingredients that are required at the same time can be put into the same bowl
  5. Clean as you go – Cleaning as you go is the best method to keep your kitchen clean while cooking. A quick bit of washing up here and there or slotting items into the dishwasher makes a surprising difference when it comes to the big clean up at the end when your meal is all cooked.
  6. Soak dirty dishes – as you are working any dishes that have ingredients stuck onto them, pop them into a sink or bowl of warm soapy water this will enable them to be cleaned quickly and easily when you are ready.
  7. Finally a united effort – share the duties, get some help, it’s Christmas for you too!