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Exciting kitchen splashback ideas

There are now lots of different ideas for kitchen splashbacks. Obviously your splashback has a function to protect your walls from spills and splashes but it is also a really important component of the overall look of your kitchen. Here are a few ideas for materials you could use.


1. Tiles


It seems like forever that tiles have been the most common choice for splashbacks and indeed they are still a great option. Tiles come in all different colours, shapes and sizes. Ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles are resistant to heat and moisture and are therefore an ideal choice. Tile to the ceiling or a whole wall to make your splashback a striking feature of your kitchen.


2. Brick


Exposed brick or stone looks especially effective in an older building giving a lovely rustic look. If you do decide to expose brick or stone you will need to ensure that it is cleaned and sealed.


3. Glass Panels


Glass panels give a contemporary look to a kitchen. The result is streamlined, modern, and easy to clean. Not having any grout lines allows for a flat surface, and reduces the risk of anything getting stuck in the grout. Light also reflects off the glass making your kitchen appear more spacious. Especially useful in smaller kitchens.


4. Natural Stone Slabs

Beautiful natural stone can be obtained in a range of prices and sizes, from small marble tiles to entire slabs of granite or marble. Natural stone splash backs create a striking, unified look and can also reduce grout lines for easy cleaning.


5. Wood


This may seem like an improbable material to use as a splash back but with the right treatment it can bring a warm rustic charm. You would need to seal or treat the wood against water and other liquids, and you may wish to consider using a different material in particular areas, such as behind the sink, where it’s more likely for the wood to decline.


6. Metal Panels


Metal panels have become more common in recent years. As we have taken an increased love of cooking and baking our kitchens design has reflected the look of professional kitchens. These splash backs reflect light and give a sleek, smooth feel to our kitchens.


7. Wallpaper


Think out of the box and use wallpaper. You can obtain wallpapers coated in Teflon these provide a flowing surface that is easy to clean.


Whatever you choose I hope you have lots of fun choosing your splashback. Why not pop into New Design Kitchens where you can see lots of ideas I their fantastic two-floor show room. Their address is Octagon House, 236-238 Walsall Road, Cannock WS11 0JL