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Everything You Need to Know About Installing a Quooker Tap

Installing a quooker tap blog header Offering boiled water in an instant, Quooker taps are increasingly popular for both modern and traditional-style kitchens and offer a whole host of benefits. Take a look at our guide to everything you need to know about installing a Quooker tap in your home.

What is a Quooker Tap?

A Quooker tap is an all-in-one boiling water tap that supplies cold, hot and boiling water from your kitchen sink without the need for a kettle or boiling water in a pan when cooking. You can choose from a range of Quooker tap options including a separate boiling water tap and a sparkling water on tap option.  

What Are the Different Types of Quooker Tap?

Quooker supplies three key types of boiling water tap to suit a range of needs, all finished to the highest standard and designed to blend seamlessly with your home and lifestyle.  

Quooker Flex is one of the most popular types of boiled water tap for our Cannock and West Midlands customers. The Flex tap supplies hot, cold and boiling water all from one tap and the pull-out hose is a popular feature for extra reach.

Quooker Fusion also allows you to access hot, cold and boiling water from a single tap and is popular for its round and square spout options as well as seven different finishes.

Finally, Quooker Front features a hot and cold lever at the front of the spout with the same high-quality finish as other hot water taps in the range and a choice of two finishes.

  All of the Quooker tap types have the option of combining with the CUBE for filtered chilled and sparkling water from your tap. You’ll also have the option of Classic styles as well as Nordic Twintaps or single taps. Optional add-ons also include a matching soap dispenser, cold water filter, limescale control and a Powerswitch to control power distribution with appliances in your kitchen.  

How Does a Quooker Tap Work?

When installing a Quooker boiling water tap, your specialist will install a small tank in your kitchen cupboard that acts like a vacuum flask connected to your water mains which is constantly topped up with fresh water. This is then linked to your new tap on the worktop to provide boiled water using very little energy (around 10 watts). The water from your new system will only start to boil when your new boiling water tap is turned on and the temperature of the outflowing water drops to 100°C. When choosing the right Quooker tap for you, you’ll have the option of installing a PRO3 tank for three litres of instant water, PRO7 for seven litres of instant water or a COMBI for seven litres of boiling water or 27 litres of hot water, all from a cold feed.  

Are Quooker Taps Safe?

If you are considering installing a Quooker tap in your kitchen, you might be wondering, are Quooker taps safe for children? The good news is that due to its rigorous safety testing, a Quooker tap is safe for all ages as it is impossible to turn the boiling on accidentally. Quooker taps require a double push and turn on an inconspicuous ring mechanism completely separate from the hot and cold on your tap. The spout on your new boiling water tap is also double-insulated to make it cool to the touch and can’t be knocked to spill like a kettle or pan of boiling water could be. Find out more about Quooker safety over on their website.  

How to Use a Quooker Tap

Using a Quooker tap in simple thanks to its all-in-one design. Use your tap as normal for hot and cold water or activate the push and turn mechanism for instant boiled water. Your new Quooker boiling water tap is ideal for making tea and coffee, cleaning greasy pans, boiling vegetables, sterilizing dummies, rinsing plates and more. If you choose the sparkling water option, making your own sodas or home cocktails will become a breeze.  

Installing a Quooker Tap in Your Home

Installing a Quooker tap in your home is as simple as any other new tap and is designed to last with minimal upkeep. Once you’ve chosen your tap configurations and add-ons, your kitchen expert will take care of installing the tank and tap and getting it all running for you.

How Much Does a Quooker Tap Installation Cost?

Quooker offers a range of Quooker tap styles and finishes as well as tank options and tap extras, each priced individually to give you a one-of-a-kind boiling tap solution that fits your needs perfectly. Talk to our team to find out more about Quooker tap pricing with your chosen products.  

Are Quooker Taps Worth It?

Top Benefits of Quooker Boiling Taps:
  • No waiting for the kettle to boil
  • Instant hot water means less water wasted
  • The option to have filtered chilled and sparkling water straight from your tap
  • A safe, space-saving option for your kitchen
  • Choose the Quooker Flex for an extendable hose for simple washing up
  • Save energy when cooking, making hot drinks and more
  • Choose from a range of stylish finishes to fit your kitchen style
  • Quooker taps have a great taste due to an active carbon filter in the tank

Our Fantastic Range of Quooker Taps

Have you decided that a Quooker boiling water tap is for you? Contact our team now to find out more and get started with your Quooker journey.