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Taple Top Ventilation – Worktop Extractors

Confused about table top ventilation?

Worktop or table top ventilation frees up your space, with no need for a hood to obstruct your view and distract you from your creativity. The retractable DownDraft hood is positioned where you are cooking, while the Venting hob offers a sleek Flexinduction Hob combined into one appliance with powerful build- in ventilation.

Let's take a look at some of the products we recommend. Firstly let's look at the Neff Venting Hob - also known as the 2-in-1 hob and hood. With more options to use and install, packed with features, and phenomenally quiet too, you just need to focus on the creating. The Venting Hob Extractors sit seamlessly within your kitchen cabinetry and are an unobtrusive product to get rid of odours, steam and noise. They come with various power levels and an intensive setting, as well as two halogen lamps to light up your cooking area. The two metal grease filters and spillage overflow collector can simply be cleaned in the dishwasher. N90 - Integrated hood, flex induction zone and twist pad fire control. This can also be used with the home connect system. N70 - Integrated hood, touch control.

Premium, space-saving and designed with creative cooks in mind.

Would you like your hob in front of a window or on a kitchen island? The Neff Flexinduction Venting Hob is for you, with no need for a hood to obstruct the view, giving you the freedom to locate your hob, wherever you wish. With a stylish cast-iron grate placed over the hood conveniently doubles as a pan rest too – even when the hood is in use.


Point and twist for control and flexibility combined

The TwistPadFire is easily removed and illuminated so you can react to your pans bubbling away quickly and easily. To activate and adjust the heat, simply point and twist the pad towards the cooking zone you require.
When cooking has finished, simply remove the magnetic TwistPadFire dial for easy cleaning and a sleek stylish hob finish.
NEFF Venting Hob

Neff Downdraft

Elegantly space saving

Powerful ventilation without the bulk or noise, allowing you a quieter cooking environment. Rising at the touch of a button. The downdraft hood offers 3 power levels using TouchControl, also dimmable soft light, enriching your hob with a warm glow. Once the hood is in use, it can act as a automatic air freshener running every hour for 5 minutes to keep your kitchen nice and fresh. This hood is ideal for kitchen islands, they simply fit into your worktop or kitchen furniture. The Neff remote motor installation mounting kit is an optional extra which frees the space under your worktop and provides the option to mount the motor up to 3meters away from the appliance. N 90 Downdraft hood 90 cm clear glass black printed D95DAP8N0B D95DAP8N0B-4

Sieman's Downdraft - Noiseless extraction - (high end, attractive glass and stainless steel extractor fan)

The downdraftAir system is as stylish as functional. This hood only appears when it is required, when it is not in use it is hidden away in the kitchen counter behind the hob. Making this hood the perfect alternative to the more classic-looking extractor hood, with the added advantage of disappearing when not being used. These come as clear glass or black glass.
  • Space-saving installation: allowing greater use of the space under your worktop.
  • LED lights for optimal visibility and ambience for a fuller cooking experience.
  • TouchControl: easily and quickly manage the LED light and power levels
  • Intensive setting with automatic revert for a peak performance
  • An impressive extraction rate of 750 m3/h due to the high-performance motor - quickly and effectively clearing the air from your kitchen.