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QUOOKER TAP – What is it?

Quooker Flex Tap It’s the smart kitchens must have gadget! Quooker Taps give you the convenience of instant boiling water and/or filtered cold drinking water. No more waiting for the kettle or boiling water on the hob. No more buying expensive bottled water. Dutch engineer Henri Peteri designed the concept in the 1970’s and it has evolved over time. There are eight tap designs available, each one sleek and beautiful, with three finishes to choose from so it’s sure to fit right in with your kitchen design.


The Quooker’s great high-vacuum installation design means that it costs 3p per day to have boiling water whenever you want it. Amazing and even more amazing is the COMBI tank, which supplies all of your kitchen’s hot water requirements. In a compact tank under your worktop it removes the need to pipe hot water from the main boiler to the kitchen sink. It also gives you just the right amount of boiling water again saving energy.


Boiling water can be dangerous and there are hundreds of injuries requiring medical attention each year. The Quooker designers are very conscious of safety and therefore there are a number of features to help avoid accidents. There is a childproof handle and the sides are insulated to make sure it is never hot to the touch. The spray is a fine spray allowing you time to get your hands out of harms way. The boiling water control is separate from the standard hot and cold.

Some Quooker uses:

  • Make tea, coffee and hot chocolate with ease
  • Cook vegetables
  • Cook rice and pasta
  • Blanch vegetables
  • Fill hot water bottles
  • Sterilize dummies and baby bottles
  • Clean pots and pans
  Take a look in more detail on the Quooker website or don’t hesitate to contact us here at New Design Kitchens for more information.