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Kitchen Island – Will it work in your space?

Firstly what is a kitchen island?

An Island is a functional freestanding piece of cabinetry that provides additional countertop space. An island can be made to any dimensions allowing it to be sized according to the space you have available. You can also purchase mobile islands to increase a kitchens preparation area.

What do you need from the space?

You can use an island for the simple reason to have more storage space. However, you can also install a hob or sink into your island, divide a kitchen and dining room or provide a breakfast bar to additional dining area. The options are only limited to your imagination. You do need to consider what you want to gain from your island to allow your kitchen designer to help you make the best choices. You can simply purchase additional base cabinets from your kitchen supplier to ensure that all the kitchen features are exact matches. As kitchen islands have become more popular designers are now placing more focus on their development by adding sinks, Quooker taps and cooking surfaces to them. Folks have also described a large permanently placed table as an island, though a true island should stand at a countertop height that is identical to the entire kitchen.

Have you got enough space?

Islands can be made in many dimensions but if your kitchen is really small you must consider whether you will be able to open cabinet doors and dishwasher doors. If you don’t have the room, all is not lost... you could consider a kitchen peninsula instead. Rather than being placed in the middle of your kitchen it sits to one side. Normally at the end of a work surface. It still gives you the benefits of an island. With careful planning and consideration your kitchen island will become a real asset to your kitchen and you will wonder how you ever managed without one. At New Design Kitchens we can use all our experience to guide you ensuring you get the most out of your kitchen design. Get in touch now for some friendly advice. Contact us or visit our two storey showroom Octagon House, 236-238 Walsall Road, Cannock WS11 0JL.